School asks parents who arrange lunch for their children via Swiggy to stop practice

You may have noticed children picking up bread, eggs, sauce and mayonnaise at Mylapore’s supermarkets late evenings – they are here to ensure the breakfast for the day after is planned for and prepared in a jiffy.

There are also children whose parents now leave it to online food delivery units to serve a quick lunch delivered at the school’s reception.

One school in the area has responded to this recent practice and decided to stop it.

In a simple message sent by principal Gowri Shivasankar to the parents of all students, Chettinad Harishree Vidyalaya in R. A. Puram told parents that food deliveries by private companies at lunch time will be stopped and if such food packs arrive at its gate, it will be sent back. It named Swiggy and UberEats as the delivery companies.

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