Preparations for Christmas in full swing at the local churches

This evening, preparations for Christmas were on a full swing at the local churches in Mylapore.

At Our Lady of Light Church in Luz, the church volunteers were busy putting up the decorations and stars.

This year, the youth group have made a snow-world themed crib. Said Swetha, a member of the group, “All the items kept in the crib like the snowman and the houses were hand made by us.”

The group has also made a Christmas tree using paper cut-outs. The tree is decorated with handwritten notes of the Bible verses.

At the San Thome Cathedral, children were practicing Altar service for the Christmas Mass. A village-styled crib has been set up at the stage. The volunteers were also arranging chairs and decorations at the stage for the midnight Mass.

The snow house themed crib at Our Lady of Guidance church in R.A.Puram looked very attractive in the night. The church also had grand decorations inside and outside its premises.

  • Picture shows crib at Luz Church 
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