Jobless man helps incapacitated woman see through lockdown time off temple tank

One man’s line crossed another woman’s and the two have momentarily frozen in the time of the pandemic. And some good has come out of it in Mylapore.

Shabir worked in the western fringe of the city, lost his job and wandered to the Mylapore zone where the tank of Sri Kapali Temple is located. His temporary roof was the projection of a local shop.

Around him, he noticed besides a few beggars and a weak woman, left to live her grey years on the platform here.

Shabir began assisting her in small ways – getting some food and water. Conversing.

Now this has gone on for some time now; and when this story was put out on social media some kind- hearted people offered small donations to keep the two going.

  • This report is based on info from Baskar Seshadri. Photo by Baskar.
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