Regular fever camps helped in reduction of virus cases at Srinivasapuram, says a local fever surveyor

Virus cases seem to have drastically reduced at Srinivasapuram, a slum board tenement off Loop Road in Marina.

A local fever surveyor says this has happened due to regular fever camps held here.

The dense colony has over 1200 middle class and lower-middle-class families. Mostly domestic helpers, painters, carpenters live here in small, tightly packed houses.

Says the fever surveyor, who goes around this neighbourhood, identifying residents with virus symptoms, “In June, this area had over 70 cases. However, now there are only 27 (approx) active cases.”

She says that the cases spiked in June as virus patients were home quarantined till then.

“As people of this area reside in tiny houses, the virus quickly spread to the family members of a home quarantined person and then to the community. But soon after we (fever surveyors) reported this to the Corporation, regular fever camps were held here. Also, virus patients were shifted to Covid care centres. This helped in the reduction of cases. ”

However, the civic body continues to perform intensive fever camps to contain the virus spread here.

  • Picture: file photo of a fever camp at Srinivasapuram
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