People light candles inside church to remember the dead on All Souls Day

The community which attends the Our Lady of Guidance Church in R. A. Puram observed All Souls Day – the day they remember and pray for the dead – during the Holy Masses celebrated at this church on Nov.2.
There were two Masses in the morning and one in the evening, this to enable people of this parish to attend in smaller numbers due to the pandemic time regulations.
The church had arranged for families to pray for the departed by lighting candles placed on a platform set up in front of the main altar inside the church.
Local cemeteries remained closed on Nov.2 in line with the pandemic time regulations and so people had to make do with the offering of Holy Mass at the church.
– Report by Juliana Sridhar
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  1. Helen Christina Xavier says:

    This used to be a regular practice.
    The coffin ,closed would be placed in front of the altar symbolically.

    Don’t remember well ,but guess the parish priest at that time had done that for folks whoses dead were buried far away!!

    Something which really soothened hurting hearts!!

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