Crown bakery offers its special cakes for Christmas

The popular Crown bakery at Bazaar Road, Mylapore has begun preparing goodies for Christmas.

It’s special plum cakes and sponge cakes are now available for sale here. People can also choose to buy fresh cream cakes, that the bakery has newly added to its menu.

Says S. Bhavani, who manages the bakery along with her father Srinivasan, “Plum cakes are our speciality. They always become a hit among our customers.”

The uniqueness of these cakes is that they are prepared the traditional way using good quality dry fruits and nuts, she adds.

As usual, customers may also use the bakery’s oven to bake their cakes.

250 grams of plum cakes are priced at Rs 90. They are available in larger measures too.

At 129/58, Bazaar Road, Mylapore. Ph: 24670872

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  1. veeraswami Venkataraman says:

    I remember Crown Bakery in early 50s. Unlike now, there were only two bakeries in Mylapore then, both near Bazar Raod. One Ceylon Bakery run by an elderly gentleman and another was Crown Bakery, run by a dark, kind gentleman. I like both of the, when I my father ask me to go to bakery it meant only these two. Universal came later.
    After 0200 we got fresh bread. The rusk was super.
    During festivals cakes were so popular. One thing I remember there was a huge Christ photo before Celon bakery

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