Panguni fest at Sri Kapali Temple: lakhna patrikai event on Feb.22

The annual Panguni festival of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple will be held this year.

Arrangements have been made for the lakhna patrikai event which formally releases the plans and schedule for the celebration; this event will be held on Feb.22 evening inside the temple.

The kodiyetram is on March 19 and the rest of the events will follow; though the schedule has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp since this morning the temple executives say that the schedule will be formally released on  Monday, as per normal tradition.

The staff also said that the state may not impose any restrictions since devotees will be moving in and out of the temple and this is not a mass gathering. SOPs will be in force though.

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  1. Vignesh says:

    Will there be a live stream?

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