Obituary : P. S. Ramachandran, V. V. Chandramouli

P. S. Ramachandran, aged 102, passes away on Dec 15. He was the grandfather of B. Krishnan, Chennai 28. His eyes were donated to Rajan Eye Bank, T. Nagar.

V. V. Chandramouli passed away on Dec 19. He was an employee of L&T Chennai. Contact the family at 24936687.

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  1. P. S. Ramachandran alias Vanidasan who is my great grandfather, was a retired teacher of P.S Higher secondary school, Mylapore.
    He was a centenarian in our family who lived upto 102 years. His handwriting was a remarkable one which gave him name and fame. He had a Nick name called “மயிலை பித்தன்”.

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