Support group for people affected by Parkinson’s Disorder: connect locally

Parivarthan is a support community for people affected by Parkinson’s Disorder (PD). The group provides a platform for peer interaction through exchanging information and sharing their stories. Parivarthan also conducts monthly meetings with resource persons from various fields, organizes yoga and occupational therapy for its for members to manage the disorder effectively.

Parivarthan has almost 60 families as its members spread all across Chennai. While meetings are typically organised in Annanagar, Mylapore is being considered as a venue.

Families who have people affected by PD or other mobility disorders and would like to be part of this nurturing community can contact Sudha Meiyappan at 9381035979.

3 Comments on “Support group for people affected by Parkinson’s Disorder: connect locally”

  1. i am 57 years old living wiith PD for 5 years. I would like to know if any one in the community has taken a diet supplement of velvet beans or mucuna pruriens . It is supposed to be safe and without side effects to treat PD symptoms.

    mob 9444708313

  2. Mylapore venue for parivarthan?
    My parents live in Mylapore and it would be awesome if there was a program like what you offer in annanagar in mylapore.

    Priya Dharan

  3. I am volunteering my 83 year old father’s contact information. My 83 year old mother has Parkinson’s
    And the once active and exuberant lady has slowed down so much and has lost so much weight it saddens us all to see the degeneration.

    I live in the US and would love to be a part of your mailing group as well

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