Access to Marina beach closed, police clear it of visitors on Saturday evening

By an order issued by Chennai Corporation commissioner, all beaches have been closed to people and that includes the Marina beach.

This evening, police barricaded all access points, went into the sands and by the shoreside to ask visitors to clear off and police vans fitted with public address systems announced the closure of the beach.

This move comes after it was observed that thousands of people were meeting on the Marina through the day and action had to be taken to address the virus issue.

Access to the light house was closed earlier.

However, the open-air fish market on the Loop Road closeby was abuzz as shoppers made quick purchases because the place will be closed for the Sunday lockdown.


One Comment on “Access to Marina beach closed, police clear it of visitors on Saturday evening”

  1. More than 90%of public abide the instructions issued by the Government regarding COVID 19 but lesser percentage of people , who are always disobeying the instructions , invite the covid19 virus to them, their home, neighbours and public at large including warriors of COVID 19 and finally destroy the whole society.
    Having known the fact fully well, the law enforcing authorities shouldn’t be the silent spectators but in the interest of public at large they should take stringent action against the culprits.
    The authorities should have a hard skin to meet out any criticism while upholding the law and ensuring the public safety.
    If not we should live with covid19 and mask for ever distancing kiths and kins.
    Teach lessons to the violators !!!

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