Scenes of small crowds at gates of Sri Kapali Temple on prodosham Sunday get critical remarks

Many people have been critical of crowds gathering at the two gates of Sri Kapali Temple on prodosham evening on Sunday on the eve of the  long lockdown ordered by the state due to the pandemic intensity.

Remarks were made on the Facebook page of Mylapore Times which posted pictures.

At about 5.30 p.m. over 50 people were seen massing, mostly masked up but not distanced at both gates of the temple which are kept open for people to get a glimpse of the processions inside; temples are off-limits to people since late April.

On ordinary days, and specially after dusk, regulars stop by to pray and catch a glimpse of the lords. But Sunday saw a crowd and many people who saw photos of the scenes were displeased with the massing.

Around the same time, shoppers were aplenty on South Mada Street too.

2 Comments on “Scenes of small crowds at gates of Sri Kapali Temple on prodosham Sunday get critical remarks”

  1. Ah!!
    Now I got a ticket to comment as its what I write about and probably getting deleted.

    So finally truth wins no matter for what reason its ignored!!

    Crowding is a big headache everywhere. I am glad some got irked and expressed their feelings.

    Please visit Bazaar Road between 7am-9 am on mornings …. I see people bunching around, following no distancing and if someone does stand away, some one else surely goes in front .

    The shopkeeper says we stopped managing crowds as people get angry and results it fights and extra headache for us.

    Further, people visiting others in bunches, coughing and spiting is again on increase. These people don’t wear masks.
    Generally the little order which was there previously is totally missing these days. Corporation appoints volunteers with scant training and they do not come when some is positive and home quarantining.

    Another neighbour who fell sick removed the covid home quarntining poster , and kept doors open….and went further to walk around . Whom to complain? Is this not dangerous? The volunteers have not been seen.

    Generally, COVID is a serious ,life threatening, virulent illness. Any slackness in training and highlighting potentially risky behaviour to volunteers and non-medical health workers hired from the unemployed will result in them thinking its easy way to earn money. How educated are these volunteers? They don’t have any responsibility!!

    This makes getting sick eerily scarier!!

    Will MT choose to send right message by refusing publication of such free careless behaviour?

  2. What the State Govt. is doing? This is a serious issue. It is a matter of the lives of people who had gathered over there. At least I now most humbly request that the present Govt. (known for its quick and sound decision) to take urgent steps to avoid anything that will lead to the spread of Covid-19 or whatever. I request the ‘Press’ to coordinate. It is not only at Kapalesswarar Temple, but it equally matters at any other places where large number of people who gather.

    from USA.

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