Obit: T. S. Sundar Kumar. Community activist, volunteer

T. S. Sundar Kumar of Mylapore passed away on December 24. He was 61.

Sundar worked for an auditor’s firm in Mylapore for many years and he spent much of his spare time in voluntary and communjty work – associated with community policing, managing classes for students studying their chartered accountancy courses and lending a hand at community events.

Sundar was one of the long-standing volunteers of the annual Mylapore Festival held in January in and around the mada streets and wholly funded by Sundaram Finance. He started as a volunteer in charge of the ‘See Mylapore on a Cycle Rickshaw’ tour and becoming a core member of the team that ran the hugely popular kolam contests on North Mada Street.

He and his wife resided in V. S. V. Koil Street, Mylapore. Ph: 9884477636.

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  1. Rare in our lives, we meet a person whose image refuses to get out of us. English is poorer by its inability to describe Sundarkumar’s unfortunate and untimely demise. Being such a noble soul, God had decided to take him during the Margazhi month to be with him. The word simplicity got redefined by Sundarkumar, in thoughts, words, life’s every facet…… ever service-minded and helpful, we are unable to decipher the designs of God to take him that early. Om Shanthi.

  2. “Friendship transcends death. Memories made will never be forgotten and create a lasting impression on those they left behind. Everyone became a better person for having such a wonderful friend.”
    “A best friend gone too soon is a tragedy. But what would have been worse is never to have met him. I am grateful to have been Sundar Kumar’s friend in life”. Knew him for the last 40 odd years.
    If God were to give 1 year as a bonus for each good deed done by him, then I don’t see why he should be no more soon. A wonderful person who was simple, honest, and always wanted to help. By losing him unexpectedly, I am at crossroads and don’t even know how to mourn his loss.
    May God give him a special place in his Lokha.
    Deeply Saddened.
    Muralidharan SS

  3. Sundar Kumar is a great human person and one of my best and beloved friends. I can’t believe it. My beloved best friend. I am very saddened.
    We pray 🙏 god for his soul Rest In Peace ☮️ 😭

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