4 Comments on “P. S. School student wins elocution competition”

  1. hello, why does the search results for mugil vanjinath reveal the latest achievement as nov 28, 2008…. he won the prize on july 19 2014.. also reported that it was posted on july 25th 2014…. confusing….

    is there no print version of this? it will be good so that it can be shared too… pl do the needful and clarify

  2. hello, yes.. congrats to Mugil Vanjinath (not Mukil as reported)…

    that’s my son… and we are very proud parents……could u please post the photo too….and perhaps interview him as well…. he’s won many of late….for more pl contact his father or speak to mugil himself… on 9444046103

    thanks.. hope to hear from you….


    Dr V.Janaki

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