Sri Sankara Gurukulam’s 100th Sankara Jayanthi festival

Sri Sankara Gurukulam established by Sri Thethiyur Subramanya Sastrigal is celebrating its 100th Sankara Jayanthi festival from April 29 to May 9.

Several events including an ekadasha rudra abhishekam, a bhasya parayanam of Sri Sankara’s works, a vishesha alankaram, poojas, veda parayanam, special lectures on advaita philosophy and carnatic music recitals have been planned. A samaradhana for the devotees will also be arranged. The festival will conclude with the grand procession of Sri Adi Shankara murti in a colourful palanquin, accompanied by Vadya gosham, around the main streets of Abhiramapuram.

For details contact them at 9940049726.

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  1. Ksrinivasan says:

    I am unable to come for Jayanti. I very much missing the function. My mind😏 is always there
    Wishing the jayanti very successful long to go.

  2. Meenakshi srnivasan says:

    Very nice I never miss this program

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