Rental and real estate brokers up and about

Rental and real estate brokers in the Mylapore area have been active for some time now, trying their best to market commercial and residential spaces.

But the response is slow, they say.

However, the pandemic has not stopped soe people from shifting lock, stock and barrel; these are people whose rental agreement ended and could not be extended.

People have moved into flats in Abiramapuram, Alwarpet and R A Puram the past few weeks, making use of the time between lockdowns.

But real estate sales are few and far between, say brokers of Mylapore.

Many of them post adverts in Mylapore Times with the hope that some deals will come through. Some offers do click, they say.

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  1. Helen Christina Xavier says:

    Huge prices ,that extra price for brokers and the nasty lies they speak is preventing people in grave situations like me to dislike their services.

    Can they mind some other business or supply their service to rich and affluent?
    And get less fare?

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