Urbaser to modify its garbage bin design. Its staff raised some issues that hampered work.

Urbaser Sumeet, the private agency that manages conservancy operations in the neighbourhood soon plans to make some design modifications in its garbage collection bins. The development is happening after a section of its workers expressed their issues with handling grey coloured garbage bins, that are placed in the battery-operated vehicles (BOVs).

Says a senior official attached to Urbaser, “A section of our workers have given us feedback that they find it difficult to collect garbage, due to design of the bins. So we are now planning to make some design modifications in the bins. We will also incorporate other changes, according to their needs.”

“We are also asking feedback from our employees regarding other aspects like the user-friendliness of battery-operated vehicles (BOVs) and garbage collection tools. If required, we will make changes in them too.”

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  1. Glad to read that URBASER has listened to and is redesigning the waste collection bins to be easy to fill and lift by the employees.
    Hope they consider lighter materials and the design features that I had described in an earlier reply.

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