Books for educators and dancers

Educationist and social scientist, Dr. Jaya Venugopal is into finding fresh ideas of classroom management, the learning process and the problems that students and teachers face in this process.

Her new e-book has a cryptic question for a title: “Can we Tackle?” and delves into the ways better teaching and learning techniques can be part of the learning process.

It is an insight into the learning process of young people between the ages of
3-19 and covers the early years, school and college years too.

How teachers can deal with children who distract others in the class, how to enhance  learning, make children communicate effectively and the problems posed by peer pressure are talked about.

The need for social evaluation, spiritual values, family life, dignity of labour and knowledge management are what the book discusses.

The book comes in a CD format and costs Rs. 100. Why an e book, you ask. “To make it cost effective,” says Dr. Jaya.

The e-book was released at a function at which another book by Jaya husband, musicologist and scholar Dr. Pappu Venugopala Rao was released. Pappu’s book, a English translation of a 15th cent.

Treatise titled Rasamanjari, which deals with the classification of heores, heroines, nayakas and nayikas. The original is in Sanskrit and this book is an essential guide to dancers and dance scholars and gurus.

The couple live in San Thome and the contact is 2495 3870.

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