Beggar’s body found outside Sai Baba Temple

Did a nasty fight between beggars outside the popular Sai Baba Temple in Mylapore led to the death of one of them?

Local police are investigating this case.

An unidentified male body was found in front of the temple on June 4 morning.

People who live here say that the victim was killed as the result of a fight the previous night. But police are not confirming this as of now.

The man was about 40 years and was one of the beggars outside this temple, residents say.

A huge number of beggars park themselves outside this temple on all days of the week and receive alms as money and food from people who visit this place of worship.

Shopkeepers in the area say that at nights fights break out between some beggars.

This causes civic nuisance too. Some of them are under the influence of alcohol.

Though people have complained against these beggars nothing much has been done to discourage them.