San Thome student killed in accident outside school gate

A student of San Thome High School has lost his life in a nasty traffic accident on San Thome High Road. This took place on June 14.

The Adyar Investigation Unit is handling this case. They said that the boy was knocked down by a speeding car on San Thome High Road. This accident took place at the entrance of this school.

The boy, Thiru Vikram was a student of class 6. He was 10 years old and resided in Triplicane.

Police said the boy had been standing with his mother outside the school gate  when the car hit him.

He was thrown down, suffered serious head injuries and went into coma. He was admitted in a hospital where he died four days later.

Police have arrested the driver of the car.

Police said that the driver had stated that he had to make a sharp turn in order to avoid a collision with an auto, which was taking a turn at this point, says a policeman.

The boy’s mother suffered injuries.