Tamil Nadu State Govt. organises classes for children

The Department of Arts and Culture of Tamil Nadu State Government has organised, a host of activities for children.

This is being held by Jawahar Bal Bhavan located at Luz Avenue. This Bhavan is an autonomous body, under the Department of Art and Culture.

There are 15 activities that are offered for children in the age group for this is 5 to 16 years. This is open to students and also for children who are uneducated.

A child can choose to learn a maximum of 2 activities. All classes are held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.  The fee is Rs. 100 per month for an activity.

The activities include Silambatam, folk dance, Drums, Veena, Tailoring, Drawing, Computers, Yoga, Karate, Bharathanatyam, Keyboard, Mridangam, Vocal music, Drama, and Gymnastics.

“There are different teachers for each activity. Currently we have 80 children and the admissions is in progress”, says S. Thanganayagam, Executive Officer of The Department of Arts and Culture.

Classes are conducted in Jawahar Siruvar Mandram (Jawahar Bal Bhavan), Luz Avenue, near Nageswararao Park, Mylapore. For more details contact S.Thanganayagam 2819 2152.