High Court orders closure of ‘wine’ shop near Sai Baba Temple

The Madras High Court has ordered the immediate closure of a retail liquor selling shop in Subbarayan Salai, Mylapore. This outlet is run by Tasmac, a state-managed chain of shops.

Advocate and BJP member Vanithi Srinivasan, a  Mylaporean filed the PIL on this issue.

In the PIL she had stated that the shop no.912 is located near the Nandalala Temple and Sai Baba Temple in Mylapore and is right opposite a Vinayagar Temple.

She also stated that customers visiting this outlet and the air-conditioned bar attached to it abused and teased women and passersby who use this road.

Complaints to the state and police had been made in the past but the shop continued to do business and is said to be one of the biggest revenue earning Tasmac shop.

One Comment on “High Court orders closure of ‘wine’ shop near Sai Baba Temple”

  1. The shop is open. I do not find the High Court oder effective. Is it that the tasmac is not bothered a damn about the HC oder.
    They do have a police put up at the location, just to get the public feel they are giving protection. ! Oh please give me a break.
    It is such a nuisance to everyone.
    Waiting for the order to get sterner. Lets see. I have lost hopes , just like all 😛

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