Top end imported sanitaryware

‘Vama’ is a recently-opened sanitary ware showroom in Kutchery Road, San Thome.

A venture of Envision Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. it showcases a wide variety of concept bathrooms and a vanity of interior fittings under the ‘Vama’ brand name.

This store is run by four childhood friends, Venkatesh, Salman Papa, Azeez Badsha and Salman Muhammad. This is the first concept store for bathrooms in India, claims Venkatesh, director.

Vama is a China brand and its products use German fittings. The store is located in a 5000sq.ft., area on this busy road, amidst the choc-o-bloc shops. Inside are a variety of showers, shower panels, touch screen faucets, cupboards, mirrors, bathtubs and commodes.

One unique product here is the mirror with an inbuilt TV. This is the first of the kind and has features like video out and in, USB and cable provisions. This is priced at Rs.4 lakhs.

The four-concept bathroom (consisting of bathtub, wash basin, shower and commode) starts from Rs.1.2 lakhs. One can also buy individual pieces. You can also choose the texture of wood you require for their cabinets here, says Venkatesh.

“Apart from selling sanitaryware we also provide interior designing for bathrooms, he adds.

Kutchery Road has been for ages, the destination to shop for sanitary ware – there are still many stores in the vicinity. One reason why Venkatesh and friends started this store here.

The store is located at 86, Kutchery Road, Mylapore. Ph: 4355 5060.

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