Core Mylapore streets redesign project: Heritage Walk path included

As part of the redevelopment plan for the streets and roads heart of Mylapore, architects of NGOs associated with it have also incorporated designs that will allow tourists and visitors undertake a heritage tour of this Mylapore zone.

The designs, if implemented will allow people to walk down from the Luz Church area or from the R. K. Mutt area to the precincts of Sri Kapali Temple.

If the designs are properly executed, the walkway will allow visitors to stop and shop, visit historical places and old houses, gaze at traditional artisans at work and stop for a snack and a cup of coffee.

And they can do all this leisurely without getting caught in traffic or tripping on stone slabs and garbage waste.

The walkway design will also lead on to Kutchery Road and end at San Thome, thus allowing tourists the facility to continue their walk to the heritage precincts of San Thome’s cathedral.

Included in the design is the drawing of a yellow line or stark marker lines which indicates the Heritage Walk path.

The plans have to be firmed up after public consultations, Chennai Corporation  officials and the council have to okay it, tenders have to be called for and the projects set in motion.

Senior engineers say that if the plans get a smooth okay the project can be set in motion in two months.


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