Mada veedhis re-design project into second phase

The project to re-design the pavements on Luz Church Road and the mada veedhis of Mylapore has entered the second phase.

Consulting architects are now working on the detailing of this civic project and once these are ready, they will be presented to Chennai Corporation.

The project aims to design and lay broad pavements in Luz and on the mada veedhis, set up a central promenade in Luz and design a heritage walk path in the area.

The basic outline of this plan was presented to the public at a meeting held in Alwarpet a few weeks ago. Hawkers, shop keepers, Mylaporeans and civic officials were present.

It is assumed that most Mylaporeans are in favour of the new designs for this heritage zone although a much widely-publicised meeting to further explain the project would have kept the local stakeholders well-informed.

It is also assumed that most people say ‘yes’ to implementing a ‘one way’ traffic stream on the three mada veedhis. Access streets/lanes to the Sri Kapali Temple will be shut off to vehicles of all kinds and the Sannidhi Street quadrangle in front of the east gopuram of the temple will be a ‘no parking’ zone.

Once the detaled plans are submitted to the civic body, they will be discussed, okayed by the Council and tenders floated.

A senior Corporation engineer says that if there are no major hiccups, this project will be implemented by the end of this year.

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