Annadhanam marks start of Arabathumoovar day

Mylapore’s streets are coming alive as people prepare to celebrate the grand Arabathumoovar procession this afternoon as part of annual Panguni festival celebrated at Sri Kapali Temple.

Since last night, cooks were busy at work preparing dishes that were to be served to people in colonies as part of the annadhanam that many groups undertake.

Much of the buzz was at local auto stands – in Luz, Alwarpet, Mandaveli and Raja Annamalaipuram. This morning, volunteers here began offering buttermilk or rosemik and as the clock struck 11, handed out rice – sambhar and vegetable mix – to whosoever wished to partake of it.

This was time for the local children to head for the pandals and sample whatever they could even as adults ate from paper plates or took home the rice mix.

Groups like the local photographers and local newspapers agents also set up shamianas as did Indian Bank on R K Mutt Road and social groups who have been doing this annadhanam for decades.

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