After sunny Deepavali, the rain is back . . .

After a sunny Deepavali and a bright dawn, the monsoon rain is back. Since 10 a.m. light steady rain came down and though people headed to work after the holiday braved the rainfall, many areas of the neighborhood wore a deserted look, as if they were still to recover from the festival celebrations.

Metrowater officials had been quick to respond to the severe flooding on San Thome High Road last week. They were seen supervising work on clearing the drains on Sunday and Monday.

This is a road taken by ministers and judges and handles a huge traffic flow. It also has the worst drain systems that has posed problems, serious ones for over  decade and has not been solved yet.

Even today, civic workers either open up the manholes or try to clear clogged drains.

One Comment on “After sunny Deepavali, the rain is back . . .”

  1. The Rani meyemmai association of Rani Meyemmai Tower celebrated Deepavali on behalf of themselves, their neighbours and the rest of Chennai with firework showers and firework bombs. The rani meyemmai residents started their blast off at 5 AM in the morning and the blasts continued until past 10 PM to put on full display their wealth, status and generosity and to spread the dynamite, dust and debris to all their neigbours despite concerns and complaints from elderly heart attack survivors and infirm breathing impaired residents. The neighbours experience two days of heart-palpitating, ear-splitting, lung-asphyxiating, body-shivering, migraine-inducing collateral entertainment.
    The sheer arrogance, affluence and apathy of the rani meyemmai residents and the unacceptable indifference from the local police and civic authorities was incredible. The parking lot of the rani meyemmai association resembled a war zone strewn with the remnants of the firework bombs, containers and exploded debris. Several servants cleaned up the morning mess to make way for the evening barrage of blasts. PM Modi swept the streets as part of the Swatch Bharat campaign. Rani Meyemmai residents can teach the rest of us that some pampered, privileged persons can afford to cause chaos, confusion and cacophony generating mounds of debris and it will all be swept away by their servants.

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