Theatre artistes request Bhavans to host plays every week

Will there come a time in 2015 when there will be a Tamil play staged on a fixed day of the week throughout the year? Tamil theatre artistes are hoping that the request they have made to the management of the Chennai kendra of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan will be considered positively.

One of them made this request public on stage just before the curtains went up on the second play in the drama fest that the Bhavans is holding at its auditorium this week and next.

The Bhavans top team of L. Sabaretnam and K R Ramaswamy have been briefed of the idea and the artistes hope that it will become a reality in 2015. They said that Bhavans is keen to promote Tamil theatre and holding the festival in November was a start.

The shows have been getting a good audience the past two evenings. They are free.

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