Open-air stage gets hyperactive in Nataka Manram’s campus in R. A. Puram

The open air stage and space on the campus of Tamil Nadu Eyal Isai Nataka Manram is hyperactive nowadays. There are more and more cultural events staged here and in days ahead there are to be two dance dramas based on Tamil works.

The first in this series took place on Tuesday evening when Vijay Madhavan and his troupe presented Kamban Kaniamudu that celebrates Rama as the one who gives refuge to all ( sharanagata vatsala ) outlined through the words of Kamban, who wrote Kamba Ramavataram.

Earlier, the Manram hosted a puppet and a bommalattam show. These brought the buzz to this stage space which is a simple and large stage, prefabricated roof and walls and set in the quiet backyard off the Adyar river.

This is the neighborhood where judges and ministers have their homes and few offices. While the Manram’s office is housed in a colonial styled bungalow, a not so good indoor auditorium and a welcoming open air stage.

Here is yet another performance space which would attract rasikas from side of the neighborhood.


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