Vidya Mandir students host show of their artworks

MT VM ART 3Vidya Mandir, Mylapore is celebrating its sixtieth year. It is hosting an art exhibition titled ‘ART 60’ to commemorate the same. The event was inaugurated by Sharad Haskar, a renowned photographer at 8:15 am on April 17.

The G.C hall at the Kindergarten block hosts a select collection of about 40 art works by students and teachers that have been framed and captioned appropriately.

The exhibits range from colourful sceneries, to pencil sketches, a story board, paintings of Gods and so on. A guest, Keshav, famed cartoonist of The Hindu did a sketch using a marker on a whiteboard that stands at the entrance. It suggests blessings from the almighty as an outline of Lord Ganesha.

R S Geetha Jayaprakash, the art teacher at the senior school says she was excited about the show and said the professional frames and spotlights and blue lighting at the venue created a great atmosphere. The show will be on today, until 3 pm. It will continue tomorrow from 9 am to 12 noon.

– Reported By Rakshitha Arun / Student Trainee

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