Obit: K. S. Sarangapani

S. Sarangapani(IA & AS, retired), aged 86 passed away on April 11 at his residence at Maharaja Surya Rao Road in Alwarpet.

He retired as Dy. Accountant General – Karnataka twenty eight years ago and spent his retired days in Chennai

He went to Ramakrishna Mission School in T. Nagar and graduated from Loyola College. He did his M.Sc (Chemistry) at the Banaras Hindu University during the days of the  Independence movement, took part in it and was a witness to many student agitations for India’s freedom.

His family said he used to recall the day when it took him much effort to reach Allahabad from Banaras to witness the immersion of Gandhiji’s ashes at the Triveni Sangam.

He joined the AG’s office soon after his PG studies and work took him to Bombay, Bangalore, Ranchi and Chennai. He served as Deputy Secretary, Public Accounts Committee, Karnataka Legislature under both the Congress and the Janata party regimes.

Post retirement, he led a quiet life in Chennai. He was a regular at the religious discourses held in and around Alwarpet. He was keenly associated with the renovation of his native village temple in Keezhvidi, Arakkonam.

He would fondly recall that the area in Alwarpet where he lived was part of the Dunmore House. The Maharaja of Pithapuram and his wife has lived in this place and the local roads were named after them.

He was an avid reader of science articles, spiritual and religious books. His notes and interpretation of scriptures are a cherished possession of his family. His narration of rare stories from the scriptures, entertained both his grandchildren and adults at home.

He is survived by his three daughters and their families.  Contact –

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