Mylapore Times Trust seeks donations to fund school projects

The Mylapore Times Charitable Trust is inviting large hearted Mylaporeans to donate to projects that it will fund this academic year at St Lazarus Middle School, Mada Church Road, R A Puram. The Trust has been working here for over  15 years in small ways. 

This year, a big bill to fund is repairs to balconies here will have to be negotiated. Also, the Computer Lab to teach Std VIII students the basics will reopen in July and funds are needed to pay the teacher’s renumeration.

The school mainly educates poor kids of this area and from Semmenchery, families who were shifted out of the local kuppams some years ago whose kids still attend the school here.

If you wish to donate, please contact MT manager Shanthi at 24982244 and she will arrange a person to receive your donation. IT exemption is due to donors. Donations of any sum are welcome.

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