San Thome parish teams sell Sunday breakfast to raise funds for missions

Over the next three Sunday mornings, those who attend Mass in the morning at the St Thomas Cathedral in San Thome can also stay back and enjoy a light breakfast or pack some food to take home.

This is part of the community’s effort to raise money for the annual Mission Sunday collection which goes to fund mission activities of the church here and outside.

Last Sunday, Oct.4 teams who are from the ‘anbiyums’ ( Small Christian Communities) set up stalls in the church campus, offering food cooked at their homes.

Those who came out of the 7.15 a.m. Mass were surprised at the invitation to sample the food.

Fr Louis Mathias, parish priest says the response was very positive. Rs.32,000 was collected that morning. The money was donated by the teams who made and sold the food.

The breakfast stalls will be open the next three Sunday mornings.

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