Steady rains cause water stagnation in Mylapore’s inner streets

There was some relief in the Srinivasa Avenue – R K Nagar neighborhood this morning which was badly hit by the rains the past fortnight. The steady rains on Monday and Tuesday now have not caused flooding but residents are wary – if the rain continues, water may begin to stagnate and rise, they said this morning.

Though some measures were taken to clear the drains of muck when the sun came out last weekend, people here are keeping their fingers crossed.

But the inner Mylapore streets and some in the Alwarpet and Abhiramapuram areas where drains are absent or sunk, water stagnates. Last night, Kesavaperumalpuram lanes and Mosque Street were flooded.

These streets are also potholed because of the stagnant water and driving down them is a nightmare.

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