Churches prepare for Holy Week services

Sunday onwards, churches in the neighborhood will be busy. They host a series of religious services of the Holy Week, a time when Christians recall the events leading to the condemnation and death of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection.

This Sunday is observed as Palm Sunday – the community will join in a short procession around the church campus to symbolically mark Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem where the events unfolded. People will carry palms in these processions to enact the act of the followers of Jesus.

Later next week, the community will observe Maundy Thursday and Good Friday – both days host religious services which are integral to the events leading to the death of Jesus.

To highlight the acts of charity and penance that people are expected to follow, some local churches have organised blood donation and social service camps next weekend.

The Holy Week ends with the celebration of Easter on Sunday – the day the community recalls the resurrection of Jesus after his death.

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