Residents of apartment complex pitch in to take free spoken Tamil classes for students

When V. N. Subramanian’s grandson from Bahrain came to visit him in the summer, he was surprised to find out that having studied in an English medium school, his grandson did not know how to speak Tamil – his mother tongue. He decided that something had to be done for these students.
V. N. Subramanian, a resident of St. Mary’s Road for more than 20 years, says, “I decided to take free spoken Tamil classes for these students and circulated the idea among the residents of his apartment. To my surprise, a few of them agreed to pitch in. They have decided to take turns to come in for about two hours in the morning and help out”.
Classes are held in the morning from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. For details contact Subramanian at 2A, Lasya, 94, St. Mary’s Road. Ph: 9840613799.