Anti-TASMAC shop protests continue in Foreshore Estate

Residents of Foreshore Eatate and Srinivasapuram continue to protest against the TASMAC liquor shop located on the main road near the MTC bus terminus. On Thursday, a few women stepped up their protest by attempting to immolate themselves in front of the shop.

Police quickly poured buckets of water on them, arrested them and later let them off.

The shop was closed since morning after police sensed that the protest was on..

The anti-liquor shop voices grew loud earlier in the week when a young teacher, NandiniĀ of this area died in an accident while trying to chase a rogue who had snatched her bag that contained a large amount of cash.

Police later said that the rogue was drunk.

Residents admit that a large number of men and women buy and consume liquor at and around the TASMAC shop. This creates many law and order problems.

They say that despite protests, the shop is not being shut down perhaps because it earns a huge stream of revenue.

Both areas of this neighbourhood are thickly populated.