Chettinad gifts for Diwali

Looking for something very Indian as gifts? Turn to a store run by the M.Rm.Rm. Cultural Foundation in MRC Nagar.

Started by crafts promoter Visalakshi Ramaswamy, this non-profit organisation supports and undertakes documentations of, and works, towards the revival of rural crafts, textiles and architecture that are fast disappearing.

The traditional palmyra basketry of Chettinad, kottans, were once woven by the women or ‘aachis’ of affluent families and found a place in every Chettinad activity, from ritual and ceremony to daily use. 

The Foundation started ‘Project Kottan’ and has revived the craft in its original patterns by teaching it to a group of village women which has grown ten times.

Every year the Foundation launches a new collection during Deepawali for its customers. This collection is unique and fresh in design, keeping in mind the trends and tastes of urban customers as well as the principle of Project Kottan for craft development.

For Diwali 2016, fresh lines displayed at the store are :

Usha (Dawn) – with its colours of the deep night fading and a promise of a new day to come.

Surya (Noon) –   resplendent in all its bright glory

Nisha (Night) – electric colours displaying a vibrant night-filled with crackling energy

The store is at 70, MRC Nagar Main Road, R. A. Puram. Phone: 24622505, 24614313.

You can also see the complete collection on the Facebook page

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