Soora samharam at Sri Kapali Temple

soora-samharamOn the last two days of the Skanda Shasti festival, which is held during the Tamil month of Aipassi,  two major events take place. One is Soorasamharam – the divine act of Lord Murugan killing the demon Soorapadman and the second is the thirukalyanam.

At Sri Kapali Temple, Mylapore, more than 1000 devotees gathered on Saturday evening to take part in the Soorasamharam festivities. The deity, Lord Murugan and his consorts, adorned a special alangaram on that day. Later a veedi purappadu was held which stopped at North Mada Street, Mylapore. There devotees witnessed the final battle between the demon and the deity after which the deity was carried back into the temple on the peacock vahanam.