R. A. Puram colony complains against Airtel for causing noise, air pollution

Two massive power generators that feed the telecom operations of Airtel at its office in R. A. Puram have been  polluting this area for many years and nothing seems to have been done about it despite a long correspondence with Airtel and with the city civic body.

Now, the  residents of Arora Elegant, no.19, 3rd Cross Street, Raja Annamalaipuram are taking this issue to the local MLA and to the state Pollution Control Board.

Residents say that the equipment that lies alongside their compound wall ‘continues to generate high levels of noise and air pollution spread over last 10 years, causing extreme distress’.

A fresh e-mail has also been marked to Deputy Commissioner (Health), GreaterChennai Corporation.

The residents say that in the past, when complaints were raised the Airtel sent men to undertake repairs when the equipment seemed to need it.

But the operator has stopped with such piece-meal measures.

They have produced pictures to show how the soot from the equipment that runs all of 24 hours covers the fans in all the neighbourhood fans.


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