Mylapore duo complete 75 hour randonneuring event

Srinivasan Ezhumalai
Srinivasan Ezhumalai

Srinivasan Ezhumalai and Vasanth Manivannan, the Mylapore duo from Mylai Midhivandu Kuzhu – a cycling group started by Mylaporeans Dinesh Prabhu and D. Sekhar about 2 years ago, recently became the first Indians to complete the BRM1000 race on a single speed fixed gear bicycle.

Brevets De Randonneur Mondiaux (BRMs) are rides of fixed distances that are to be completed within specified time limits, having successfully passed through pre-determined time controls.



Vasanth Manivannan
Vasanth Manivannan

The race that the duo participated in was a 1009 km event (from Velachery to Vijayawada and back) called Road Beasts. The race, organised by Madras Randonneurs, was to be completed in 75 hours.

Srinivasan, a daily wage worker who runs a mobile vulcanizing shop in Mylapore, and Vasanth, a computer analyst at a private firm, completed the race with one hour to spare.

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  1. Loads of kudos to all the humble, passionate but focused effort by the team and team captain Dinesh. Best of wishes on all future endeavors!!!

  2. This is a great initiative! Awesome team.. Long way to go…

    All the very best.. Kudos to the Captain Dinesh for motivating the team!!!!

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