Music Academy flyover space: ideas being debated

Is there going to be a visually engaging scene under the flyover at The Music Academy junction which has now been redesigned?

Chennai Corporation promises to make this a bright space but things will roll out over time. The civic body is keen to breathe life into spaces under city flyovers which turn out to be garbage dumps, flower-pot filled spaces or convenient rest points for the homeless and for nomads.

The floor here has been relaid and special lighting is to be undertaken.

The civic body officials are engaging restauranteurs like Hot Breads boss Mahadevan and Nina Reddy of Hotel Savera to explore simple ways in which this flyover floor space can be livened up.

They have with them a design plan submitted by a city-based architect sometime ago.

The challenge here is to debate if ideas of setting up art or photo installations in this space ( taking off from the presence of The Music Academy at this location) at a very busy traffic junction can really work.  Can people access this space? Will any form of activity under a flyover gain local ownership? Such are the questions that are being debated now.

Meanwhile, work on expanding and relaying sidewalks on all four sides of this flyover junction is going on – on TTK Road, Cathedral Road and Gaudiya Math Road.


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