175th anniversary of St Thomas English Church; grand event on Sunday

CSI St. Thomas English Church in San Thome is celebrating its 175th anniversary this Sunday, December 10. A special thanksgiving service will be held at 7.30 am, followed by a group photograph of the entire congregation and a time of nostalgia and fellowship.

St. Thomas English Church (STEC), once known as ‘St. Thomas-by-the-Sea’ by the British, was built and consecrated in 1842. 

The church owes its origin to the arrival of Robert Carver in 1824, a dynamic Methodist missionary from Ceylon who ministered in the area.

The 1840s was a time when the area had a large number of European residents. The Protestant elite in Madras who lived in the garden-houses of Adyar, and the Governor often worshipped at this church.

Today, this Anglican church under the ‘Church of South India’ has a vibrant congregation. The church has been organising special programmes to celebrate this landmark anniversary through the year.

The presbyter of the church is Rev. D. Richard Ambrose Jebakumar

Contact: 98400 49586/ 24640925