Burglaries at shops on Mundakakanni Amman Street: one arrested

At least five shops were broken into and burgled on Mundakakanni Amman Koil Street early last Sunday morning. Among them was the local Amudham grocery store, a vegetables sales shop and a cellphone store.

Mylapore police now say one man has been arrested. Mark, in his 20s who cannot speak or hear used to live in Nochchi-kuppam and has a few cases of burglary against him.

The burglar had made off with cash kept in all the shops that were broken into.

Mylapore police who were alerted to the burglary found out from local CCTV footage that the burglar had used a crowbar to rip apart the shutters and doors of the shops to gain access.

These shops are located beyond the bridge on the Buckingham Canal and in a busy local shopping zone.