DMK lets north Mylapore know that DMK leader M. Karunanidhi celebrates his 95th birthday

It was DMK leader M. Karunanidhi’s 95th birthday and his cadres and fans made sure the city knew about it; they plastered the walls with posters and set up giant flags with the red and black party colour radiating out of Karunanidhi’s visual.

At his CIT Colony residence the celebrations were sober and got over as the heat rose but if you travelled in the colony or on Dr. R K Salai you couldn’t miss the buntings, flags and sun-like designs.

Similar posters and flags were found in many colonies of Mylapore – highlighting the local DMK leaders for the occasion.

The battle of the posters continues on Brodies Castle Road and Dr D G S Dhinakaran Road in R. A. Puram, the gateway to the residences of ministers. Today, posters of T T V Dhinakaran competed with Chief ministers and his deputy besides the ones on Karunanidhi. Large sized posters; Madras High Court has come down sharply on these posters in this area but ‘expression in a democracy’ continues.

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