Rains hamper pipeline laying work at P. S. Sivaswami Salai

It has not been easy for the residents of P. S. Sivaswami Salai who reside in the area just off R. K. Salai (near Waitrose Supermarket). For more than five years, they have either had to buy water or depend on the scanty water pumped out by their borewells.

After almost a year of getting sanctions to dig up what is an arterial road, a bhoomi pooja to lay water pipelines was held on June 20.

Residents were hopeful that work would get completed fast. But rain hampered the efforts, say one resident who has been monitoring the situation on a regular basis.

The AE of Metro Water, Zone 9, says, “Everytime we dig up the road and it rains, we have to spend some time pumping out the water. That delays the work a little bit. There are two check valves in that area, one at R. K. Salai and one near Vivekananda College. We have to put in a pipeline for about three metres on either side and then connect it to the check valve. Once that is done and the check valve is opened, the residents will be able to get water”.

He says the work should be completed in two weeks.

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