Public meet held by Arappor Iyakkam on Sunday evening

More than 1000 people gathered at Mangollai at North Mada Street, Mylapore on Sunday, Sep 23 evening to participate in the public awareness meeting hosted by Arappor Iyakkam.

D. Koil Raj, a volunteer, says, “Discussions were held on how to deal with corruption. A draft version of a manifesto on how to eradicate corruption was released by Prasanth Bhushan, senior advocate, Supreme Court and RTI activist Aruna Roy. The draft will be open for public opinion on the website for a month”.

He continues, “The final version will be released after a month and will be sent to political parties for acceptance into their manifesto. They should assure us that when they come to power they would take appropriate legislative steps to make it a law”

For details visit or call 7200020099.

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