Srinivasa Ladies Club is 48

It was a well attended event. After all, it is not everyday that a club celebrates its 48th anniversary.

Srinivasa Ladies Club, based at Jeth Nagar, certainly knew how to keep their audience engaged. Girija Raman, the secretary of the club says, “Thiruppur Krishnan, the chief guest, talked in length about how women always strive for perfection and how any task taken up by a woman always ended in success. It was very encouraging to hear these words from such a noted writer”.

A donation of Rs. 50000 was made to Swami Vivekananda Rural Community College, near Pondicherry.

The event, held on Feb 10 at Mylapore Fine Arts Club, Mylapore, ended with the hilarious drama, ‘Pillayar Pidikka’ by Kathadi Ramamurthy of Stage Creations. Contact Girija at 9444975804.