Brahmotsavam at Sri Adi Kesava Perumal Temple: From March 23

The brahmotsavam celebrations at Sri Adi Kesava Perumal Temple, Mylapore will be held from March 23 to 31. The schedule is as follows:
March 23 – Kodiyetram
March 24 – Sesha vahanam
March 25 – Garuda Sevai
March 26 – Surya Prabhai in the morning and Chandra Prabhai in the evening

March 27 – Hanumanta vahanam
March 28 – Yaanai vahanam
March 29 – Thiruther
March 30 – Kudhirai vahanam and Thotti thirumanjanam
March 31 – Kannadi Pallaku

On April 1, a unique event known as the Dwadasa Aradhanam will be held. The deity along with 33 alwars and acharyas will make rounds of the mada streets around Sri Kapali Temple, Mylapore. For details contact 24643873.