Very marginal decrease in tanker bookings since the rains, says Metro Water AE

It has been raining on and off in the neighbourhood since the beginning of this week. Residents were hoping for an improvement in the water supply situation but Metro water says that the rains have not been significant enough for any change.

The AE of Metro Water, Zone 9 says, “The supply of water to the city still stands at 525 mld (million litres per day). For the Mylapore area, water is supplied from desalination plants at Nemmeli and Minjur, quarries, agricultural wells and the trains from Jolarpet. Water might have seeped into the ground improving the groundwater situation for residents who use borewells but for us it hasn’t made much of a difference”.

When asked if there has been a reduction in the number of tanker bookings in the Mylapore area since it started raining he says, “About 150 bookings are received everyday. That number has come down by about 10% since Tuesday’s rain, probably because residents have started using water that has been harvested through their rain water harvesting systems”.

Metro Water, he says, continues to supply 3000, 9000 and 12000 litre tankers to residents. “Six 3000 litre tankers make about 50 trips a day. If 9000 or 12000 litre tankers are not available and the resident urgently needs water, we supply 3000 litres and then ask the resident to raise another booking after 7 days”.

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