Strict action will be taken if trees are damaged, says Corporation

For years, individuals and business entities have been driving nails into trees or hanging up boards thereby damaging them. Doing that henceforth will attract heavy fines and a jail term too.

T. Iniyan, Corporation’s assistant executive engineer, Mylapore, says, “When the staff make their rounds, they will now be on the lookout for any damages to trees. Any kind of damage ranging from painting the tree and hanging lights on them to using steel rods or wires will be discouraged. Once we identify the damage, we will first give the concerned individual or company time to rectify the damage. If they refuse to do it, we will slap a hefty fine on them”.

Residents, he says, can now call the Corporation with information on damaged trees in their neighbourhood. “The same number that residents call for complaining about damaged roads or blocked storm water drains can be used for tree damage complaints too”.

Call these assistant engineers for complaints – Ward 121 – 9445190421, Ward 122 – 9445190422, Ward 123 – 9445190423, Ward 124 – 9445190424, Ward 125 – 9445190425, Ward 126 – 9445190426.